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I saw it and now I must have it! We all covet the fashions we see on the big and small screens but where do we find those precious articles of clothing? How about starting here...

Joan’s Pen Necklace - Mad Men

Any fan of Mad Men knows of the wonder that is Joan Holloway.  I mean, who isn’t envious/intimidated/terrified of her famous curves?  What does this woman have that every woman that every women needs?  Sex appeal to the Nth degree?  Sure, but I was referring to the one accessory that she wears in every episode— her pen necklace.

There are many reproduction of 1950s and 1960s necklaces on Amazon, I’ve provided an example in the first photo.  The second is of a silver option.  How about one of both?  They go with every outfit.  Deets below.

Amazon Gold Tone - http://www.amazon.com/1960s-Vintage-Inspired-Gold-Necklace/dp/B001I4RSQ6

Katerno Sterling Silver - http://www.katerno.com/detail.php?s=173109

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